Narwhal Media Case Studies

We have over 50 case studies proving we made companies more successful. 

Here are just a handful…

DJI – The World’s Largest
Consumer Drone Company

Initial Problem

Upon initial engagement with DJI in November 2012, the company had no brand awareness in America and had secured no media coverage outside of the APAC region. We were tasked with rapidly building the DJI brand and helping to change the negative perception of drones in the North American market.


Within only six months, Narwhal Media Group made DJI a household name.

We were directly responsible for over 600 earned media articles (and thousands of additional reactive articles) for an ad equivalency rating of more than $80M. We secured full-page features in major publications like TechCrunch, WIRED, and Engadget, and arranged a full segment on 60 Minutes.

We also positioned their CEO at the time,, Colin Guinn as the key thought leader and expert in this field, securing 20 top-tier speaking slots and four keynotes in the first year alone.

Within 14 months of working together we increased their annual revenue from only $1M to $300M due to positive media stories. DJI is now valued at over $18B.

Renew Logic & Vendidit -
Reverse Logistics with AI Tech

Initial Problem

The multi-billion-dollar electronic recycling business is largely UNknown to the general public. As a result, most companies in the space – even those backed by the legendary John Paul DeJoria – face a significant challenge when it comes to getting mainstream media coverage. Without a compelling story or angle that can attract media attention, these companies cannot position themselves as thought leaders in the industry. 

Our Solution

Narwhal Media Group landed a seven-minute segment on CNBC within weeks of being hired for the newly formed, unknown company Renew Logic. When Renew Logic developed a new company (Vendidit) in 2024, they hired NMG and once again we landed them the #1 business news television show in the Americas (Bloomberg) within only two weeks of working on their account.

AUDI – The luxury car brand
we all now know, started with us...

Initial Problem

We have all heard of Audi cars. What you may not know is that Jennifer worked on their account over two decades ago to expand them within the U.S. during a time where they were struggling with brand recognition and sales. 

Our Solution

Within a year of working on their account at their then-PR firm in Los Angeles, they had finally established a strong foothold within the U.S., despite struggling to years prior through only utilizing an international firm based in the EU. 

Audi can attribute a great deal of their U.S. success to the strong marketing and PR ideas and campaigns that we executed, and the tactics Jennifer learned at this top consumer luxury PR firm benefit all high-end brands Narwhal Media Group represents. 

3DRobotics –  Top Thought
Leader in the Drone Space

Initial Problem

(Read Case Study 1 about DJI first) 

The North American CEO of DJI was pushed out, and due to the thought leadership / credibility we created for him, he was able to join a competitor that had a good reputation, but little media visibility and therefore weak sales. After raising their first 600 Million dollars in sales, we quit DJI and joined 3DRobotics. What was needed to drive sales and compete was to tap our expertise and media relationships in order to take market share from DJI in North America.


Before we began working with 3DRobotics, DJI claimed 80% of the U.S. market share and media coverage.  By the end of our short eight-month engagement, we were able match DJI’s media coverage and make 3DRobotics a true competitor in selling consumer drones.

HEADSPRING – A Top Enterprise
Software Company

Initial Problem

Headspring was underwhelmed by their previous PR firm’s lack of strategy and ability to secure anything other than local media. They sought a PR firm that could achieve trade publication coverage to drive enterprise sales and seamlessly work with their business development team. They also needed someone who could reduce the redundancies with their 12 marketing vendors, as this was costing them way too much time and money. 


We reviewed the initial marketing vendors and found nearly $30,000 a month in redundancies. We saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars while also securing a 700% increase in one year in media placements compared to the previous firm. We also saved the marketing and sales team a dozen hours a week of work. Because of all of this they replaced us with the role of CMO for the year.

A climate-change fighting drone company

Initial Problem

Narwhal Media Group has worked with as many commercial drone companies as consumer drone companies, including numerous fire and police departments. Our personal favorite is DroneSeed (now MAST REFORESTATION) because they help plant forests after wildfires, and promote climate change tech. When they hired us, they had zero media coverage, and had no luck securing it on their own for years. They were a two-person startup who could not achieve funding because they could not garner the attention of major VCs. Their goal was to secure major, national business press within only six months and send it to a list of investors in hope of achieving legitimacy to secure funding.


Narwhal Media Group was able to secure major national media coverage within six months – including a several page feature in Tech Crunch, and several-minute-long features on CNBC and the Today Show.

They sent this coverage to Marc Tarpenning, the co-founder of Tesla, at Spero Ventures. Spero quickly funded them, they grew exponentially and secured major government contracts and rolled up a few companies to become a much larger company. This was always our end game – we approach PR with how it affects the ultimate goal and bottom line. In this case, investment to grow.

A Top Cyber Security Company

Initial Problem

UnboundID was a top American cyber security company which was acquired by Ping Identity shortly after our success working with them. When they hired us, they had little brand awareness or thought leadership – despite having many Fortune 100 clients. They were an unknown brand to the media and analysts. The challenge was how would a PR firm help them create case studies that would get media coverage or future clients if their existing clients (including Target and Chase Bank) could not be mentioned at that time for various reasons.


Narwhal Media Group was able to create highly effective case studies despite not being able to mention any client by name at that time, including Chase Bank and Target.. Through our relationships in the media we were able to garner positive coverage showing thought leadership, which rapidly drove sales for UnBoundID. Within only one year the company was so successful that they were acquired for a very large sum – according to their team, in no small part because we were able to show credible major media coverage.

Mouser Electronics: From Bland Electronics Supplier Brand to Billion-dollar Brilliancy


Narwhal PR represented multi-billion-dollar, Berkshire-Hathaway owned Mouser Electronics, a semiconductor and electronic components distributor. By leveraging Mouser’s relationship with Grant Imahara, spokesperson for Mouser and star of the popular TV show “Mythbusters,” we were able to obtain lucrative media placements for the company that eclipsed all of their competitors and transformed the company into the world’s go-to electronics components distributor for media mentions.


The semiconductor industry is notoriously bland, and Mouser Electronics was struggling to generate mainstream press for their products. Without any flashy news to get the media’s attention, they were getting lost in the shuffle amongst larger, more well-known competitors.

The Solution:

We pitched Imahara’s involvement in upcoming Mouser projects to major media outlets, and scored coverage in top-tier publications such as CNET, Gizmodo, and Wired. These projects included:

  • A robotics-themed Marvel comics partnership that utilized the firm’s engineering capabilities to build Iron Man’s Gauntlet and Captain America’s Shield

  • The International Space Station (I.S.S.) Design Challenge, a first contest of its kind to be held in space, which called on participants to create a 3D-printable device that could be used in space, and the winning design was 3D-printed aboard the (I.S.S.)

We also leveraged Mouser’s sponsorship of the 2019 Global Create the Future Design Contest (also co-sponsored by Intel and Analog Designs) a contest for students and entrepreneurs to submit their innovative engineering design ideas, to position the company as a leader in future-forward design.

The Results:

Mouser Electronics was featured in leading media outlets such as CNET, Gizmodo, and Business Wire, and the company’s revenue grew to over $3 billion as a result of our PR efforts. In fact, the company broke $1 billion in revenue after we secured several major press placements, and to this day, the firm remains the number one electronics components distributor in the world for media mentions.

Android Smartphone Company

Initial Problem

Although a global brand with partnerships with major companies such as Verizon, Nuu Mobile was not getting nearly enough reviews nor attention. We were tasked with repositioning their social media profiles to increase engagement and create more relevant postings and actual media placements instead of paid bloggers.

We were also brought on to help with rapidly building the Nuu Mobile brand and helping to change the negative perception of budget phones in the North American market.


Within only the first week of work, Nuu Mobile’s social engagement doubled organically. Their feeds were all filled with more relevant and thoughtful posts that brought the brand into a bigger light with consumers and captured the attention of more relevant journalists and tech reviewers. We secured reviews from major publications such as CNET, Android Authority and Tom’s Guide.

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